Wednesday, April 12, 2017

4 days in Bali

we took a family trip to bali!!! i was anticipating this trip much..a time away with family..exploring, eating and having fun!!

meet the cheeky one in klia

waiting for our flight

waiting for our bags at ngurah rai airport, bali

we stopped by bintang mall for some grocery shopping since we have to cook our own breakfast..and then we went to our villa, Villa Alopa..beautiful! and pak adhi will be our driver for the rest of our stay here =)


this is our room

breakfast by the pool! wow!

relaxing by the pool

time to head out for lunch!

this place is famous for ribs!

my avocado shake!!! sluurrppp!

i had ribs while dear had chicken chop =) yums!

bali has many Hindu temples
this is a huge statue of Vishnu

next stop was uluwatu! really beautiful view!

waiting for kecak dance to start

cak cak cak!
not my kind of performance..
i was actually a little uncomfortable with the trance
we left 30 mins into the performance..hehe



balinese temple

mount batur, kintamani

we had lunch there!

paddy rice terrace, tegalalang

catching waves at jimbaran

bonding time

seafood dinner time

 beautiful sunset



dear took surfing lessons at Kuta Beach!

all the best dear!
he actually did very well!!!

our lunch
ayam tulang lunak

tanah lot

it was really fun to stand at the edge of rocks while big waves hit us..
hahahaha! SPLASH!

in the evening, we went for spa..relaxing!



flying home to KL

thanks bali for the wonderful experience
it has been a wonderful trip with my family!


-thanks faithful listener-

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