Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Singapore First Hawker Michelin Star - Hawker Chan Chicken Rice

I decided to try the 1st ever hawker michelin star!!! HAWKER CHAN LIAO FAN..hongkong soy sauce chicken rice and noodle!

we were at the shop by 10.15am on a Saturday and the queue was already quite long, by the time we were seated, it was almost 10.45am, food arrived at 11am..the system was quite systematic, no rushing and pushing..haha..and also there were fans at the queue area, so i was not sweating bullets..hahaha =P

we are here!!!

there were menus pasted along the queue..
customers already made up their mind..
this is to reduce havoc at the ordering counters i guess..
good system!

besides the conventional "human" ordering counters,
there was this self payment kiosk..
however, u still have to queue outside before being able to use this machine..
so we used the human counters to order..hehe

this is where our food was prepared..
all looked sooo yummy!!!

our orders!!
everything was yummy!!
loved the chili, springy noodles, smooth chicken and crunchy sprouts!
*thumbs up*

satisfied faces!!
haha =P

 here are some information u should know before coming...
nearest mrt station: MRT CHINATOWN

 enjoy your chicken rice!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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