Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Congrats Prateeba & Navin!

its dear's friends', Prateeba and Navin's wedding party..we drove all the way to ipoh..yay!

the girls were all asked to wear saree..the inital plan was to wake up really early so that someone could help me tie mine..but dear being his lazy self..hehe..decided to watch a youtube video and help me..hmmm...since i learnt the simple steps from Yasotha, my colleague..i was fine with his crazy plan.. =)

done in the morning!!
the saree better stay in place throughout the wedding..

congrats Prateeba & Navin!

im really surprise with the end result..
not much difference with the others who were tied by professionals..
love those pleats...hahaha =P

the saree was pretty till the party was over!

To the newly weds...
we wish you a blissful marriage
where unity, love, joy, peace and abundant blessing is overflowing
may this marriage last a lifetime..with many kids to bring you laughter!

congrats Navin and Prateeba!

-thanks faithful listener-

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