Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Penang!!!!

Penang in May, 2014

was a short weekend with my family..and mainly to meet my bestie angelyn..but sadly we were busy chit chatting we forgot to take a picture!!!! huhuhuhu... *sobs* and now i miss her LOTS! =( since i dont have any picture of the highlight of my trip..i shall tell u what other things happened.. =)

saw this cutie pie..grown so much!
so much more cheeky too!

enjoyed yummy seafood lunch!!!! CRABS!! =)

with mummy! ready to hammer..haha

somebody is sleepy!! hehehehe

musang king!!! WOW!
thick and creamy..thanks kor! =)

its always good to be home..
and its better when its with dear..!

-thanks faithful listener-

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