Tuesday, December 16, 2014

mini reunions in Ipoh

since we were already in ipoh for a friend's wedding, we would put up a night in dear's aunty (aunty masi and uncle paya's) house..it was nice to spend some time and just get to know them a little more..

met up with Daniel for lunch..
we were suppose to go to Nasi Ganja
but was closed =(

walking around the famous area..
we ate beansprout chicken instead...
and also the famous soya bean!

now its time to meet dear's relatives... 

this is uncle paya n masi =)

spent some time with dear's niece too!
little aisyah is so adorable!!!

selfie!!! =) love her eyes!

hello from this little macho ultraman!

selfie again!!! =)

its was a really lovely weekend with his family..
see you all soon!

-thanks faithful listener-

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