Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Slappy Cakes

ever since i saw this place on the internet..i have always wanted to visit it with dear.. Slappy Cakes..somewhere we can challenge our artistic side and also eat..hahahah! =D

flipping pancakes time! =)

ready? battle! haha

our orders
choc and pandan batter
caramel, white choc and pumpkin kaya toppings

my drawing of the fun tourist time we had =)

love my kl tower? hehe =P

it was really so much fun!
to be adventurous in trying new things..

after almost a full half day outing..we needed some rest..haha.. *signs of getting old* OMG! in the evening we went for dinner at Ken Well Seafood Restaurant, a restaurant in balakong..seafood time!!! we had really yummy dishes! BURPS!

ginger onion venison

nyonya seafood

milk crabs

the best way to end our amazing day..happy tummy!

-thanks faithful listener-

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