Thursday, October 23, 2014

Part 2: Romantic Boracay

from manila airport..we flew to kalibo airport..we took a 2 hours van ride to caticlan jetty..and then we are just a paraw (boat) ride away!!! *excited*

lets start with our photos...sooo many of them!!! =)

our boat..
luckily the ride wasnt sooo bumpy..
no seasick!! YAY!

in the tricycle on our way to our hotel

finally here... =)
we stayed at station 1..
the other end of the jetty..
hello Willy's Resort!!

 love their hospitality..
we were welcomed with this refreshing drink
the necklace too!!!! love the shells!

this will be our view for the next 3 days!!!

this is exactly from my room's window!!
i wanna go back there again!! right now!! =P

lunch time! =)
here was where we had our meals for the rest of our stay too

mang inasal

halo halo
something like our ice kacang.. =)

first day..we were too late for sunset..
we were napping!! haha

a shot just in case tomorrow's sunset was more disappointing..
hehehe! =P

seafood for dinner!!!! =)

should we eat colourful fishes?

prawns?? OF COURSE!! haha

and lobsters!!!! YUMMY!!!

i really love the mango milkshake at jonah!!
so pure!! slurrrpppp!

our 2nd day's sunset was magnificient!!!!

catching the sunset..hehe

got it! hehe

forever love!

we also enjoyed some nightlife at station 2..
fire dancing and fire eating!!! WOW!

i only found this on the last day!!!
if it was dear would have experienced it once..
at least =P

 lovely memories and fun on this island!!!
such a wonderful getaway..
thank u Lord for all the finances, good weather and safety!

cheers to many more getaways..

-thanks faithful listener-

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