Saturday, October 11, 2014

getting to know his friends in Jakarta!

i have always been travelling to Jakarta..however this time it was for a short getaway! :)

this time i am staying directly in the center of Jakarta, Saripan Pacific..instead of my usual business hotel, Grand Kemang..hehe =P

since we only had the we was time to go out showing dear the town!!! first stop Grand Indonesia and we were informed they had a gallery about Indonesia on the highest floor..yay!

its free admission! YAY!

there were screens where i could play the 'angklung' cool!!

or even play dress up =)
thats my dear in some traditional costume..cute!

there was also musical fountain show at the center court..

after walking was time for tea =) we went to magnum cafe! something both of us have never tried..

magnum's wall of fame..hehe =P

lets order! all looks sooo yummy!

dear chose the magnum gold!
it satisfies all caramel cravings!

mine is the magnum's milk shake..
satisfies all sweet tooth cravings! =)

love this frame!!!!

we also managed to visit MONAS..
the country's most iconic symbol

that ends day 1..the next day was more of a relaxing day..time to pamper ourselves!!! *claps n cheers* we chose Gedung and good!!!

hair spa together with head and shoulder's massage!

2 hours of full body massage!!!

and we did it twice in 3 days! =)

day 2 was really rejuvenating! on the Sunday before we had to fly home..we decided to attend our first Indonesian church service! thanks to dear's friends who are staying here..we attended a really good one! =)

sermon was about integrity

 they had a christian bookstore and some things were very motivational!

 thanks Ike and Joy!!

here are some of the food we tried =)

 sate senayan

Garuda nasi padang

i am sooo glad to show dear the coutry i visit so often.. =)
so much fun!!!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

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