Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Part 1: Christmas at Singapore

we flew to singapore for christmas 2013!!!!! wooohooo!!! it was time to show Mr.P christmas in singapore..pretty lights!!!

thanks air asia =)

my travelling partner in crime, Mr.P

bye bye KL...see you when we see you!! =)

 hello Changi airport... =D

chinatown will be where we will be staying the next 2 nights

the must see places =)
marina bay!

mama merlion!

a brighter shot of the mama and the green mama too!! haha

reading at orchard road..
guys prefer reading than shopping! weirdos!

im going shopping for sure!!

time to get christmas-y!! =)

brushes as the squirrel! =)

hello santa!!!

my superman saves the day!!!

amazing day at orchard road!!!!

stay tune for our fun day at adventure cove waterpark!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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