Thursday, May 15, 2014

Part 2: Christmas at Singapore

this will be a post about one of the two main reasons why we came to singapore....ADVENTURE COVE!!! =) i was very excited with this themepark when i saw a write up about i was already planning it and i heard that i could snorkel and feed sting rays!!! =P

sentosa island!!

we just passed by Universal Studios =)

and this is where we are gonna have FUN!!!!

the first thing we did!! STINGRAYS!!!!

waiting for our guide!!

boots and gloves ready!

safety briefing done too!!
lets start!!! *excited*

this is what we got ourselves into!!!
was kinda scared at first..they were huge!!
not like the pari panggang we ordered!! haha! *cili lebih!!*

such a nice experience..and im glad he shared it with me!
we fed them with prawns, squid, and fish..
their suction strength is so a vacuum cleaner!! =P

next..we are off to the water playground..
i was proud of myself when i manage to cross a rope challenge!! =D
the look on Mr.P's face said I did well! =)

the snorkel was so worth the queue!!! =)
its man-made..therefore only chosen fishes made it there!
pretty & colourful!!! and also cold!! hehe

finally its time to relax on the slow river

and also some fun too!! SPLASH!! =P

FUN FUN DAY!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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