Saturday, May 19, 2012

desserts in Lumut

since its a small town..and we decided we are not goin to Pangkor to get burnt..since its the HOT HOT season..we made this trip all about FOOD!! hehe..bye diet! (did i ever had one?) haha...


here it is!!!!

small shop with lots of the back store! =)

my order...yums!
i 'tapau-ed' another one!!

it was very not coconut drink in it ya..
it JELLY!!! slurrrp!!


its the traditional way..hand grind ice!! her gula malacca!! YUMS!


this is the shop!!
but i seriously dun recommend!!
its a biscuit filled with ONIONS!!!! eewwww~!

here is the dough maker...

here is the baker!!
very old fashioned oven!

here are your biscuits!!!
if u love onions...go for it!! =)

im sure u can see that we ate ate ate ate............ate all the way!! hahahaa...stay tune for more delicious food!!! =) YUUUUUMMMMMMSSSS!

-thanks faithful listener-

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