Thursday, April 26, 2012

hailam village seafood, lumut

this is really an awesome restaurant...this place is quite deep in lumut town..but the food is 5/5!!!!!! sooo yummy!!! =) at the beginning when we arrived around 7.30pm..we were the only ones walking in for dinner..there were two uncles drinking tea and chit in my mind..i was like.."for sure this place is horrible!! no one eats here" but because i was hungry..we just ordered what ever the waitress recommended!

 simply restaurant right??
we sat inside where there was air-con =)
oh ya! and no mosquitoes..haha

nestum prawns!!!
RM15 for about 12 prawns!!!

seafood with homemade taufoo!!!
the taufoo is just so yummy!! smooth and not oily! =)
RM 8 i think perfect for 3-4 adults...

this steam fish in a claypot is 6/5!!!!
soooo delicious honestly!
the sauce is really special..its a special in house recipe the chef said...
RM 45..also perfect for 3-4 adults

can u imagine how full we were that night???!!! we were eating for almost 4 people!!! BURPS! excuse me! hehehe....

oh ya!! thank God that while we were eating..more n more people filled the restaurants!! after trying their not surprise they will b packed every night!! =)

if u ever go to lumut..this is a must eat place!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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