Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessed Easter!!!

today is a day that is the cornerstone for all christians... =) it is a day that our amazing Lord Jesus died and rose again!!! what a great God we serve!! a living, wonder working and real God!! im just so thankful for all this blessings, faithfulness and love!!

on Good Lord was crucified..
He was mocked and treated just like a criminal.. =(
but He still asked to forgive all those who have ill treated Him..
what a great God i have..
He paid the price just for me...

3 days later on Easter Sunday..
the tomb where He was buried was empty!!!

YAY!!! my God is alive..
even till today..He is always there!!
He has blessed me..
He has loved me and will always love me..
He is such a great Lord, Father and Friend!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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