Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reinhausen's Family Day

my company organized family day and boyfriends/partners are dear tagged along! yay! this time its like away from the the village i guess..haha! =P

there were goats!

even some vege plants could be found...

a compulsory must have shot..haha!
at the formal back drop!

since we stayed over we had lots of time waiting for the event to we decided to check the place out and take some photos.. =)

up on the watch tower!

him =)

its so serene up here..fresh air too!!! =)
*thumbs up*

we also decided to take as many pics we wanted at the photobooth before everyone we could do all the silly poses without being shy! hahaha =P


xoxo! love u 

this time round..the family day was very casual and was jus about having fun..we had magicians and a clown to entertain us..hehe..accompanied with LOTS of food and snacks!! *claps*

junk food!!!

yummy food for lunch =)

 grilled BBQ for dinner..yummy!

love this balloon from the clown!

 all who joined the laid back..colleagues day out! hehe

was a tiring but FUN day!!
thank u Reinhausen! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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