Wednesday, April 9, 2014

dining in the dark @ changkat

i was browsing the internet and found discounts to go for this dine in complete feel what blind people go through..but this is an easier process as food is served to our table and its kinda fine dining meal =)

nervous and excited!!
hungry too!!! was really late til we got our table =(

before we had our meal..
warm up time...

blind folded games =)

now we are ready!!!
serve us please.....

the entrance to our 90 minutes dinner

we were served from appetizers, soup, main course, desserts and a glass of was really hard to guess what the ingredients were..i need my sense of sight for sure!!! we had to rely so much on the sense of touch to find our food which was on the plate right in front of us!!! was really that dark!! i cant even see 'P' right beside me! =)

what a great experience!
thank u Lord for our eyes... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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