Monday, January 28, 2013

Jakarta: Ootoya, Lippo Mall

today i the 2nd day im in Jakarta..and its flooded!!! OH NO!!!!! =(

almost 5-8 cm flooded!

from my previous know i am staying in Kemang i decided to check out the nearest mall, Lippo Mall...

lovely luxurious mall...

they also had an avenue of stars without any stars?! hmmm...

dinner time and i chose Japanese of course..haha! this is the only kind of meal that can make me smile even when i am eating alone!!

OOTOYA..a great choice!!

salmon sashimi @ IDR 55k
salmon sushi @ IDR 25k

ala carte grilled beef @ IDR 70k
love its teriyaki sauce...!!

chawanmushi @ IDR 20k
this is on promotion!!! =)

 my favorite dish!!!!! YUMS!!!!
very very very very fresh!!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

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