Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy 55th Birthday, my dear country...

Malaysia has been a place where i called home for almost 24 years now...many people came to my home and also left my home..some praised it..some didn't like my home turns 55!!! and i am proud to call it my home :)

this is the first year i am not at home during the birthday celebration..but i want to say my love for this home will never change..many things has it done to me ever since i was born... :)

the home itself:

the land it is built on is very calm and peaceful..there were minor life threatening disasters but those were cause of major disasters in our neighbours' those who suffered from tsunami in heart goes out to you..

the people at home:

29,426,166 is the amount of people i have in my home, Malaysia...there are a lot of times where the news has portrayed the people as cruel, crime creators, unfair, unhelpful and many more..those adjectives were hard to hear..but very alarming...but i also wanna say what the people has done for me..


it has been a couple times when i was driving back home and suddenly many motorists and even some drivers will signal, honk and point at my tyre to warn me its punctured...

i remembered clearly once (2012) when it was badly punctured, i pulled over to check it and i knew i had to use my spare tyre immediately..but being me..i din really know soon as i took out my mobile phone to call for help..a great Malaysian stopped by to help me..i wanted to get him something in return but all he wanted was tissue to clean his hands.. :)


it was back in 2005 when i was studying in Perlis..i was out for a normal weekend outing to get the groceries for the week. I was with a friend and usually after grocery shopping, I would redraw from the bank only about RM10 for the week (everything is boarding school is provided). As we were walking to the bus stop, I tripped and fell really badly. I twisted my ankle and had bruises and deep cuts all over my arms and legs. My friend got panic and didn't really know where the nearest clinic was. A great Malaysian stopped by and took me to the clinic. The money my friend and I had was not enough to settle the medical bill and although I suggested to redraw more cash, the great Malaysian said it was alright for her to settle the bill. She even drove us all the way back to our school which was very far from Kangar. Thanks Aunty! :)


maybe it is the way we are brought up..a smile or a hello is never expensive :) It is always nice to meet a Malaysian when we are in unfamiliar places..especially with directions..if u know me, i am BAD at directions..

I usually depend a lot on GPS..but there are some areas hard to reach..i remember there was once when i had to meet a customer at a really rural area (to me at least)..i got lost and the amount of time left before my appointment was maybe 30 minutes only and in KL..this is not much!! i wind down my window and ask a motorist for help to show me the directions. He smiled and told me that he would escort me to the destination!! A great Malaysian helped me reach on time! :)


fun - look at the many fun we can have..from jungles to seas...

delicious - look at the yummy food the people have created!! char keow teow! cendol! oh wa chien! murtabak!

unity - malay, chinese, indian and others..for a good cause..we all unite!!! supporting our Malaysian DLCW!!

this is a country that i will always call home!!! no matter where i end up..this is where i will always wanna come home too.. MALAYSIA...

if google can feature us..there is no reason not to be proud of my home, MALAYSIA....


-thanks secret keeper-

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