Friday, November 11, 2011


since many have said that 11.11.11 is gonna b a great date..
im gonna share 11 great things
that have happened tru out my 23 years of life =)

#1: my unique family
i thank God for me being born into this family! =)

#2.1: my penang frens of a decade and more!
they have been great classmates and great frens!! =)

#2.2: my penang awesome outing girlfriends!
they are always a phone call away!
thanks buddies!! =)
#3.1: my life in mrsm
it has never been easy but i grew very close to my Lord there
He was the only one i could cling on to!

#3.2: great mrsm frens who are doctors!!!
medical fees in the future will be FREE..haha

#4: going around the world with my family
im so grateful for the opportunities =)

#5: serving my Lord with a great bunch of friends!
its an honour to know u guys!!!

#6: the best thing that has ever happened to me
to be loved by the one i love!!! awww~!

#7: explore new adventures with my love!
he is my best travelling partner! =)

#8: great bday celebrations
thanks all my frens for organizing bday parties and suprises!
career team, techflow, bsmf, mrsm, convent, my family and my dear! =)

#9: BSMF!!!
best soul mates forever
i cant imagine my uniten life without u guys!! xoxo!

#10: graduating!!
im now a professional engineer!!! =)
thanks for all the support tru out my student life!

#11: having a great job
im now independent and earning my own bucks..
im successful..thank u Lord! =)


all of so grateful that we have crossed paths..

HAPPY 11.11.11!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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