Tuesday, March 24, 2015

turning 26 the best way!

after a day with them at the waterfall..being poured water and all..i thought the celebration was done..very thankful already! and suddenly dear said he had to go to church to transfer some stuff to ejike..hmm...some church sermons..i just shove it off..never gave it much thought..and i was thinking that i could just wait in car or something since i wanted to cook dinner for dear..but he convinced me to follow him up..

once i arrived at church..i saw the committees having meeting..and suddenly amy informed that something in the ikids room was broken and wanted me to see to it..as i entered.............. *SURPRISE!!!!!*

i was sooo shocked!!!

me and the very meaningful cake!

group photo before eating the cake!! 

pizza party!!! =)

such a sweet idea to write birthday wishes on the balloons!

with the girls....

with the guys....!!

i feel the love!!!
am touched!

our favorite!
BANG time!
and this picture reminds me how i was bullied!
i was bandit and both of them were the vice..
and i was silly enuf to think that joseph was my team although the whole game was left with only vices and sheriff!
see how both my brothers bully me..aiyooo!
but...finally i took them all down!! i WON!!! =P

thanks ya'll for the handbag!!!!
love it so much!
the thought of secretly getting it (although i chose it) matters so much!

 im so blessed to have crossed paths with this amazing group of people!
another two missing: Lizie and Dayo!

as i thought this was the best bday ever already.,..on my birthday...they posted a video for me...and this tops it all!!!! my favorite video ever!!!!!!!! *cries like a baby*



p/s: writing this post makes me miss u all soooo much! especially those who are not in malaysia now =( i miss the days where we could just lepak and destress!!! i hope you all are doing well in your countries..

-thanks faithful listener-

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