Wednesday, February 4, 2015

milestone of 6 years : achieved!

the weekend of our anniversary..we were kinda busy..with church we decided to have a simple dinner on the day itself.. =)

we ate dinner at corona del mar..
gosh..their service was like a nightmare!!

my handsome date for 6 years..

my main course
grill salmon...was kinda yummy! =)

we celebrated again the following week..yay! with more activities..less rush and more fun!!! *happy*

starting our day on a jovial note!
peace!! =P

time for a relaxing spa!!

lemongrass, ginger n lavendar please!

shopping for dear's anniversary gift..

ta-daa!!! my man is happy now! =)

 this is my gift!!
lenovo lappy!! yay!!!
im also a happy girl!! woohoooo! =D

our dinner venue..full house sunway pyramid

photo taking for sure!!!


me and beenie!

nice music from our private violinist..haha!

funny backdrop!

awesome pose on a floating chair..hahaha! =P

 we shared a meal together! =)
sharing is loving..awww!

 amazing day!!!

im so blessed to have you in my life..
there are times that we struggle..
times that we are super in love..
but all in all..i will never want to walk this journey with another man
i love you so much..
and i pray that the Lord will guard this relationship!

-thanks faithful listener-

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