Tuesday, February 17, 2015

hiking Broga the african way! =)

i have decided to show my african friends broga hill!!! =) its time to hike hike hike!!! we started at 5am!! and arrived pit stop ONE when it was still pitch dark! i was glad i didnt feel super tired..maybe because it was a larger group..with jokes and singing along the way..hahaha =P

arrived..half way i guess!

all of us! we needed some lighting..haha

after some rest..it was time to proceed to pit stop TWO! =) off we went..with more laughing, joking and singing..hehehe

sunrise wasnt that clear..
too much clouds! =(

but we were still happy!! hehe =D

here we are at pit stop THREE!

group selfie!

a must have group photo! =)

such a cozy spot! =)
under the rocks, hidden from the sun!

 proof that we reached the top!!!

what a fun filled trip!! =)

 -thanks faithful listener-

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