Monday, February 9, 2015

Coconut House

kuku and kim kim asked us out for dinner! =) this time was at Jaya 33..they suggested some homemade food! yummy!!!

their pizza is firewood baked! =)

our starter..garlic bread!

 garden salad....

super refreshing pear salad!! love love it!

first main course : chicken!
haha..not sure of the name anymore! =)

lamb stew! herbal taste...
*thumbs up*

freshly baked pizza...soft and fluffy!
like that its not the chewy kind of pizza =P

cod fish baked with lemon!!!!

our refreshing juice!!
fresh coconut shake in a coconut glass

dessert to end our yummy dinner!!
love the panna cotta with berries the most!!
super creamy!!!
*must order again..hehe*

 thanks kuku n kim kim!!! =)

we are blessed! 

-thanks faithful listener-

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