Wednesday, June 18, 2014

boyfie's first time being a heng tai

dear's good friends, Auyong and Wei Lin got married! and this was dear's first time being part of the 'heng tai' group...

the heng tais *macho*

chi muis vs heng tais

they passed the eating challenge..haha

singing and pumping challenge too!!
i love love me..lalala! =P

there was a kissing challenge too!!!!

this is how i will do it.. =P

im proud of him!! stuck up for the groom!
*thumbs up*


time for the wedding reception =)

was a very memorable night..
especially knowing that they met since young!!! =)

dear's group of uni-mates

nice mirror shot!

here is video..packed with memories! =D

Congrats Auyong and Weilin..!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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