Saturday, October 13, 2012

turning 24!

it was Sept 11 in my office that i was surprised with a bouquet of lovely roses and lilies... =) really sweet pink and mixed pink and white lilies...lovely!! this bouquet kept me smiling all day!!!

see me in my overly happy smile! thanks dear!

the nice smelling bouquet..

i rearranged them in a vase..
so that it will be more long lasting!
there were 5 more lilies left to bloom...
exact number of days to my birthday!! =)

ta-daa!! all fully bloomed on my birthday! =)

on the actual date, i was back home celebrating my birthday with my family...thanks for planning it although everyone was busy for my brother's birthday!!

a happy me..
* i love my curls *

me n my lovely family... =)

i had a wonderful year and i feel very happy turning 24 gracefully...i hope the year ahead will be a better one!! =)

thanks to everyone who celebrated my special day with me..

-thanks faithful listener-

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