Saturday, October 13, 2012

my dearest brother's wedding!!!

its been almost 2 years my brother has been dating Jennice.. =) finally its time for him to get me a sister in law!! haha....

beautiful pre wedding pictures..this special one chosen as the poster!

we had a wonderful night before the wedding at my home..
all our relatives and family frens attended.. =)
we had a good time catching up and flipping through albums of their journey...
and also celebrating my birthday!! oops!! =)

the morning of my brother's big day!!
be a good husband ok?? *words of wisdom*
after all the was time to go grab his wife!!!

the 'heng tais' are ready!!!!

here comes the chinese tradition...upon arrival at the girls home..please HONK!!! hehehe..then the 'chi muis' will prepare a list of games to go pass before getting the bride!! so it time to rumble!!!! =)

game 1: finish 50 nasi lemak!!!

game 2: fill up the white heart with kisses!! haha

game 3: be a baby!!! uwaaaa~!!

thanks to the 'heng tais'...all the games were done by an hour plus..i think.. =P den it was time for my brother to be in action.. "Jennice....I LOVE YOU"......and of coz she opened the door!!!!!

"will u marry me??"
proposing again just to make sure she doesnt change her mind..HAHA!!!

the happy couple after tea ceremony with the bride and grooms family =D

after lunch, it was time to rest and get ready for the reception dinner at Equatorial was a very special occasion with confetti, photo booths and lots of performances!! =)

the wedding must dos =)
bridal march, cake cutting, wine toasting and posing!! haha...

 my family, cousins and cute flower girls and page boys =)


may you have a happy marriage with lots of blessings and kids!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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