Sunday, October 14, 2012

Company Teambuilding 2012

its my 1st time having a 3 days 2 nights event with my part of the planing team..i was not 100% looking forward for this..but to have seen the success of it..i am glad i had the opportunity to plan this great event... =)

all of us ready for our 1st activity..TELEMATCH!!

we had 6 mini games...
from marbles, water balloons to coconut bowling!!!

its not about winning!! just as long as everyone had FUN!!! =D

for the second day, we had more hectic games!! this is the REAL teambuilding activity!!! AMAZING RACE!!!

climbing coconut trees, grating coconuts, batik painting, weaving

kite making, swimming and diving, t-shirt designing

although my group didnt was worth it!!
we BONDED!!! =)

it was definitely very tiring but i had lots of the afternoon, we had a trip to a batik factory..i think the last time i visited one was when i was in primary school!!

an excursion around the factory

we got a chance to paint our own too!!

after we are back to the hotel, we had a chance to hang out around the pool, make some jokes and swim in the sea too!!! in the evening before 'a night to remember', we had a very memorable activity...TURTLE RELEASING!! =)

i had 2 lil turtles..rosida and angela..
i wish them all the best surviving in the ocean...

the best of the night is that everyone of us had to perform!! =) it was a great time to have fun and a lil laughter...hehehe...

all the 'professional' dancers and singers..haha!!


great event..great bonding session!!! =)
whatever went wrong shall be put aside and all those that went well should be memories...

-thanks faithful listener-

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