Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bora Asmara

somewhere new to dine..and a great reason to dine too!! =) this is really a belated post..lets flash back to end of august...

it was Nissa's bday and its time to celebrate!!! we chose Bora Asmara this time..its a very cosy, romantic restaurant...more suitable for a dinner date not dinner party!! haha...

the entrance..
the directions to this restaurant is quite tough..
be ready to be lost at least once! =P

the girls reunite!!

photo session is a must..haha..

here is the cabana..
throw pillows..outdoor..fun place to dine!
with mosquitoes too! HAHA!
we dine indoor! =)

the food:

it was alright..maybe 3.5 out of 5! i had tomyam, stir fry beef and red thai curry..sorry no pictures..i forgot!! too hungry i guess =P

time to blow candles!!! bye bye 23 and hello 24!!!

may your 24th year be a blessed one!


-thanks faithful listener-

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