Friday, February 17, 2012

Hallo München!!!

im back after a long time of not blogging.. =( had been really busy the title gonna show u guys what i did in munich..i miss that place!! huhu...

us ready for our trip!

these are spotted everywhere..
proves the amount of wind energy they have!

1st pit stop...
they are my new made frens..from Reinhausen China..
Ni Hao!! =)

2nd pit stop is the Olympic Tower...

oh no..its too tall!! haha...

time to go up the tower!! weee~!

awww...i miss this baby!!
so cuddly!! =)

my colleague and i, Nathalie..
thanks for bringing me here!
awesome view of Munich....

this view is facing Regensburg..hehe..

this is along the Olympia Lake..
hello David Copperfield! =)

this is my 3rd pit stop
the BMW museum!!!!

look at the cutest BMW!!!

their great bikes!

nice vintage wedding car!!!

high technology car!!!

which one should i bring home to Malaysia??
hehhehehe =P

4th pit stop..
Marienplatz...this is the city center!

that is a museum
sadly i din enter..was too busy checking out christmas markets!

look what i found!!
hot and sexy real life mannequin.. =D

p/s: writing this post really made me miss Germany!! huhu...but im really very thankful for this trip!! stay tune for where i when next!! a small gonna b one of the most beautiful castle u have ever seen!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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