Friday, August 13, 2010

signs of bad luck on friday the 13th!!!

please be reminded that wat im gonna write about is jus superstitous stuff..please dun continue reading if u cant take jokes like that....

known as the unluckiest day on earth!
below are the unlucky stuff u should not encounter today!!
if not......... *danger!*

breaking a mirror
7 years of bad luck!!!

stepping out of bed with ur left foot
bad luck for the day!!!

walking under a ladder
something is gonna drop on your head!

spilling salt
u might end up in an arguement or fight!

putting your purse on the floor
money is going to be missing or heavily spent!

opening umbrellas indoors
believe that this act is rude towards the sun!
so burning might get in the way!

spotting an owl in the daylight
this has to do with deaths!! crapy!

black cats in your way
this is gonna b scary!
black cats are associated with black magic and curses

dropping a knife and picking it up!
dropping a knife is actually breaks a spell
but if u picking it up..u might get more den a spell!!!

placing a hat on the bed
this is associated with death or terrible illnesses...

hmmm..please dun be over careful after reading this ok?? for christians out there...jus say a little pray n everything will be alrite! remember nothing else can be greater than our Lord..may His precious blood protect you from all evil!!! ~amen~

-thanks faithful listener-

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