Friday, August 20, 2010

a prayer for the victims...

floods in china
death toll > 2000

floods in pakistan
displaced more than 15 mil people

i commit the people of pakistan and china into Your loving hands,
i pray that U comfort those who are mourning the loss of their love ones,
i pray that U give wisdom to those who are in the helping team,
i pray that resources like food, money and medical aid will reach them quickly,
i pray that you will lead their government with wise decisions at this urgent moment,
i pray that for those who are seeking help and are in fear,
Lord, be with them..carry them tru this disaster..,
i pray for all those who are still looking for their displaced love ones,
i pray that U guide them and bless them with a peaceful mind,
i pray that U always be with them Lord,
bless them and Lord i pray that U take control,
Lord only U can control these floods,
Lord i pray that U hands will be upon these countries,
i pray that Ur mercy will fill their hearts..
bless them Lord,
in Jesus name i pray,

-thanks faithful listener-

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