Wednesday, August 11, 2010

places i would really love to go with the one i love :)

its the time wen my frens are starting to get daze!!! but im not crazy bout it yet..long way more to go..but i've tot of places i wanna go with the guy i marry...haha...bare with my 'berangan' attitude k..but if in the future my finances are ok..or mebbe his is better! den i really wan my dreams to come true...lets start from near..of coz these places are all overseas..cause in malaysia..of coz can come true la i tink... =P

i love the volcanos, sunset, spas and soft sandy beaches!!
love can overflow together with the lava... :)

the culture seems colourful..
it would b a great 1st experience to sumwer with different language.. :)

walking this stretch is great enuf..
it would b a real paradise
its awesome to dine under the sea as well ~ submarine dining

the land of romance
dancing in the streets is a norm there...awww~!

staying in these buildings is cuddles..
up the hill n cosy, overlooking the sea...wat a getaway from stress!

a dreamland...
walking in the waters to ur chalet..
dine on bed in these awesome surrounding..
ahhh...i wanna fly there like now!!!

a place where love is in the air!!!
any frog u bring will b a prince..haha

in such an icy where is better for tight hugs and warm kisses!

the most sexy island!! wooohooo~!

the only place wer fairytales come alive!! :)

writing this post is already making me dream!! hehe...but i will always pray that these dreams come true one day!!! God  awesome with His wonderful romantic creations...cant imagine having one person planning all these....that's y He is the only one i adore n worship!! love u Abba Father! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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