Friday, August 27, 2010

movie marathons needed!

i haf a whole list of movies i wanna watch...i also haf a few free vouchers to use..that will cut the cost of my marathons..hehe.. =P all the movies are in this means 4 weekends full of movies?? ahhh!

its not 12 august as in the poster..its released on 26 august!
i cant wait to watch it..gonna laugh like crazieee!
tickets: buy 1 free 1 vouchers
date: 28 aug 2010

horror + thriller
ooOoo! im scared..but i wanna watch! =)
tickets: free vouchers
date: 4 sept 2010

action + thriller
this is not really my type..
but it seems like a must watch movie
tickets: gold class free vouchers
date: 16 sept 2010


those are the 3 main movies i wanna watch..these are the 3 movies that i need to choose from to fill up my last movie marathon weekend..hehe..i stil haf an extra buy 1 free 1 movie voucher!

romantic comedy

action packed

horror + thriller

simple drama

i jus cant wait for the movie marathon to start!! =) gonna b fun goin to the movies only paying for popcorn! hehe....u guys out there having the same plan as mine...haf lots of fun!!! those who wanna join me..jus let me know!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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