Monday, August 2, 2010

a letter to u...

Dear Gary,

Its been a year since you left and went home to be with Papa in heaven. How u doin there?? Time really seems like it was jus yesterday you were making fun of me.. =) i can definitely remember ur voice and your laughter..especially your mischievious one..

yesterday, there was a gathering in your the evening wen i was out with yati..i told her.."cantiknyer, sunset"..n during the service, pastor brought it up n i totally remembered bout the sunset i was really sure that is a sign of u being happy n fine in heaven :) rite gary? im really happy tat i had my camera was with me!!!

im really thankful that ur facebook account is stil open.. =) can jus drop u a message at any time..i noe u can read it..hehe..there's facebook in heaven too rite? =D christmas nite is around the corner again..practices started on sunday..early rite?? your pastor reminded me of how u collected sponsor every year..n i remembered how we worked together for christmas nights.. =)

i want u to know that ur friendship is very much appreciated..the amount of advises, time and care u shared means so much..i think that explains all why u are deeply remembered..u have always been a great friend to me..a very encouraging and mischievious one...hehe..miss u so much, gary!! take care ya..till we meet again.. =)

rest in peace, dearest gary...

-thanks faithful listener-

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