Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Thai, One Utama

i had dinner here.. :) its really yummy..i tink from my previous post ...the two restaurants are from the same management...thumbs up to both!!!

yeterday..i went to one utama for window shopping..n i was craving for thai food since i dunno we were looking tru the directory and saw just thai...BINGO! lets go there!!!

this setting was dejavu.. =P

the ambience is nice..kinda private n cosy..
n i love my bee-flower! :)

the food here is not very very expensive..but really delicious!! yummy~! the thai authentic cooking style is tip top!! sllluuurrrppp!

tomyam for 2 pax @ RM26.90

pandan chicken 5 pcs @ RM16

our bill was about RM 55 n a few cents...n since we had cimb credit card..15% discount!! weee~! we got almost RM7 deducted.. *big smiles*

i tink HSBC and AEON has some benefits too.. :)

try dining here!! really yummy n cosy!

thanks dearie for bringing me thai craving are done!! hehe..
wats next? =P

-thanks faithful listener-

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