Friday, August 13, 2010

Colors and Mood

want to get someone's attention?? red is ur colour!! red empowers and draws attention to the wearer...
it is also associated with romance and passion - a great date-nite colour!
warning!! red also stimulates ur appetite..especially towards junk food!!!

draws attention and energy..but in a more soothing way than red!
this colour is difficult to match with many skin tones..
if urs is will put u in a positive and energetic mood!!!

cheers u up on a bad to be worn wen ur down!!
it is also associated with intelligence and inspiration..great choice during exams!!

calm and soothing...associated well with nature and outdoors
it is refreshing and it reduces stress..
green outfits makes u more relaxed..try them during ur final exams week!! =P

either peaceful and calm OR cold and standoffish!
if ur can calm u down..
if ur can make u more 'blue'
blue can oso make u more creative and artistic..
hmm..but my blue pinafore din help my pendidikan seni! hehe

regal, sophisticated, creativy and luxury!!
it can also boost ur energy level and also associated with spirituality and intuition..
so wen u have trouble making a decision..wear everyting purple!! haha

true girly-girl's favourite colour...associated with happiness and romance!
pink is very calming..dun wear it if u need tons of energy!
since pink boost to wear it during ur date!!! =)

reflects light and reminds you of sunnier days...
peace, innocence, simplicity and cleanliness..

power, seriousness, authority and for promotion at work
outside of gives u a rocker-chick edge!!
throws away all u a badass bravery!

i do hope these tips makes u more careful choosing what to wear!! :)
its fun playing around with colours...
have fun!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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