Monday, August 16, 2010

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he is always good with his surprises.... =)

it has been a while ago since i was looking for a 'bee soft toy' was really hard to find..many times the only one i saw was pooh bear in a bee costume..

i dun like it..huhu...i wanted a bee..not bear + bee... =( after 3 weeks..i actually changed my mind..instead of buying a soft toy..mebbe i should get white high heels..i love heels too~! the choice of getting a soft toy was 70% left aside..but 30% of me still wanted to find it...

yesterday...after church..we had lunch in 'leong ya'...he was extra sweet.. =P he took a lil of every dish for me..i didnt haf to reach for any..all was on my plate d..hehe.. *happieee* such a gentleman..haha..den after that..a few of us decided to catch a movie...(alex, carmen, loo lin & myself)..usually he would never wanna join..sunday afternoons is nap moments..but this time he immediately said "ok".. =) we even had 'hershey's pie' at burger king as desserts... =)) *double smiles*

glad he liked it!

the movie was nice...
exciting n funny!
ratings: 8/10

in the evening...we met up for dinner..late dinner..den i dropped by his place for awhile..and he was complaining there was an insect in his room which bit him..asking me to check it out..wen i turn the lights on...ahhhhh!!! i saw a bee soft toy on his bed waiting for me to cuddle~!!!!!!! so cuteeeeeeee! love it sooooo muchiiieeee!


what an awesome way to end my weekend...definitely starting my week with big smiles~! thanks so much for the surprise...really made me smile ear to ear~! can stop hugging it!!! love it's long arms..can wrap around my neck..haha... =)))

-thanks faithful listener-

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