Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ali ends up with Roberto!!!

i watched one of my favorite tv shows finale yesterday!!!
the bachelorette season 6!!!
some heartbreak moments...
some awww moments..

after goin on many many helicopter dates,
eliminating 24 guys...
giving out the final rose...

Ali is engaged to Roberto!!!!
congrats Ali!!
the proposal was really a sweet moment..
a guy whispering his beautiful romantic thoughts..
n the girl being swept off her feet..
such a romantic fairytale!
i wish them all the love n happiness in the world!!! =)
oh ya!!!
not to forget..
i wish Chris Lambton will b the next bachelor!!
it wil b a great season with him giving out the roses..

but before 'the bachelor'
im gonna b glued to 'bachelor pad'

available to watch online in malaysia 3pm tuesday! =)

stay tune....

-thanks faithful listener-

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